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Animated collage of Duvall Dynamic Spaces philosophy: an intimate, sculptural approach to functional art, softening the environment with diffused light and unique perspectives.

Duvall creates dynamic spaces that can soften harsh environments in subtle, artistic ways. We believe that art and sculpture are important aspects of a healthy life. and work with tensioned fabric and frames to create unexpected environments that transform the way we see, think, and interact in the world.

Soft spaces are clearly important in our contemporary world full of square edges and hard surfaces. Our soft fabric shapes offer an inherently calming experience, with color and inner light contributing to the effectiveness of the softened environment.

Creating a special and intimate place for social interaction and dialog, Duvall develops functional structures that alter one's sense of being in the space adding dimension, scattering light, quieting the sound, or changing the ambience. As part of a collaborative team with architects and decision-makers, we strive to understand each project artistically and introduce something personal, yet always within the context of the structure's functional intent.


Charles Duvall explains how his fabric installations soften the environment and transform the space, making it more dynamic.
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Duvall Dynamic Spaces